This special episode in English was recorded in a Spanish ecovillage, Los Portales, in the middle of nowhere. We discussed what Extinction Rebellion is, why people take it to the streets and what makes this initiative so powerful.

Alisa Dendro and Pepijn Verbrugge are climate activists and XR movement members. They shared their insights and experiences of being a member of XR movement.

1:40 What is Extinction Rebellion

2:05 Civil Disobedience and nonviolent action

3:00 XR demands

12:33 Why you joined XR?

13:50 3 types of changemakers

18:00 What does ‘getting away from the system’ really mean?

20:18 How did the movement start and how it works?

23:21 What is die-in?

31:53 The structure or XR

34:13 ‘Caring culture’ of XR

Music rights: Azure — People gonna rise like water

Extinction Rebellion official website

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